What is the Best Detox?

by Dr. Michael Nowazek

Many people suffer one or more of the symptoms of chemical and metals toxicity:

  • difficulty losing weight
  • muscle aches, spasms, and cramps
  • pain in one or more areas of the body
  • low energy
  • low mood
  • immune system shortcomings
  • inability to get sufficient restful sleep
  • brain fog
  • digestive disorders
  • glandular issues

Many people want to rid their bodies of the harmful toxins that most of us are exposed to every day from food, from pollution, and from various other non-stop chemical sources.  Some people just want to rid themselves of the effects of overindulgence and alcohol exposure common during the holiday season.

Human bodies have their own detox capabilities; the function of cleansing organs such as the kidneys and the liver is to remove toxic substances and excess metabolic waste along pathways through normal functions such as urination and defecation.  The body’s natural detox system works well provided that (1) these organs are all functioning as they should and; (2) they are not overloaded with more than they were designed to handle.

Detoxifying your body can contribute enormously to improved health and wellbeing.  You could expect more energy, healthier skin, improved mood, a more robust immune system and many other benefits.

The question, then, is how to go about detoxifying.  Where do you start? How do you do it? You could look on the internet and try to weed through all the contradictory and confusing information.  You could check out any of the numerous commercially available products that advertise detox diets and kits that promise “detox”, often in an unrealistically short period of time. 

Detox as a DIY project most often fails, and sometimes it makes things worse.

Off-the-shelf products and programs to detoxify the body are most often superficial at best.  They don’t get deep into the cells where the real toxic build-up causes the damage and health problems.  Many of the commercial preparations contain laxatives and diuretics and possibly some herbs to support liver and kidney function, but they won’t get into the cells, the area where the chemical damage occurs.  

The best detox is a safe and successful systematic program that produces real results.  It is a systematic process that (1) prepares the body’s detox pathways; (2) removes the toxins that are lodged in the cells, which is where they do the real damage; and (3) does it in the correct sequence.  

Before you can remove intracellular toxins (toxins in the cells), you must remove extracellular toxins (toxins outside of the cells).  Before you do that, you must prepare the liver and kidneys, and before you do that you must be sure the bowels are working properly.  

You have to start with the bowels to ensure optimal waste elimination.  If the bowel isn’t functioning optimally, trying to remove liver waste will not work because the waste has nowhere to go. 

The next step is to improve liver function as the liver deposits its waste into the bowels.  Then after the liver, you can get to the extracellular detoxification, and then into the cells (intracellular) where the majority of chemical and metabolic waste damage is done, where the negative effects to your body and health occur.

The sequence is that the intracellular waste goes to the extracellular space, then to the liver, then to the bowels and out.  If the detox is simply surface level laxatives and diuretics with some herbs mixed in, or if it is done in the wrong sequence, you haven’t addressed the real problem and you could not expect any real benefit.

Effectively removing chemicals and metabolic waste from the cells is achieved using a systematic step-by-step process to maximize the body’s detoxification pathways in the proper sequence and actually pull the toxins from the cells. 

Systematic detox includes lab tests to determine the level of toxicity, which toxins are affecting you, and whether there are any problems with the four areas where toxicity builds up.  Then the program can be correctly sequenced to enable your body’s maximum ability to eliminate the toxins. There must be monitoring of your progress on the program and adjustments made to it when indicated.

Each stage of detoxification – bowels, liver, extracellular, and intracellular – is carefully designed specifically for you to safely and effectively address the nature and the extent of your toxic load.

We’ve helped many people rid themselves of toxic chemicals and metals safely, effectively, and thoroughly.  We can help you too. Call Green Apple Health Care at (780) 485-9468, and let’s get you feeling better.

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Dr. Michael Nowazek

Dr. Michael Nowazek is the Clinical Director of Green Apple Health Care. He brings a wealth of knowledge from his extensive training and his many years experience as a naturopathic doctor.

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