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Can Naturopathic Medicine Help You?

About Green Apple Health Care

Illness, exhaustion, pain, stress, depression – these things do not “just happen”. There is always a reason for them. They are caused, and the causes of these conditions will differ from patient to patient.

The doctors at Green Apple Health Care locate and treat the core cause of the health problems, not the symptoms. Our programs are customized to each individual patient.

What to Expect

At Green Apple Health Care, you will find a group of caring, knowledgeable doctors whose goal is results. We want to help you to improve your health.

You should expect personalized, one-on-one care. Our doctors take the time to listen to you and thoroughly understand your health concerns and your needs.

We work with you to design the best treatment for you, a plan that not only focuses on the core cause of your health problem but one that also promotes your overall health and prevents the development of any additional health problems.

In creating each patients’ plan we take into account individual lifestyle, stress levels, work schedule, kids, activities and any other aspect of the patient’s situation that is unique and important to them. Your customized treatment plan will be designed to dovetail with your circumstances and lifestyle and will be something that you can actually do.

The initial consultation is all about finding the cause of your health problems, looking at your goals and designing a customized treatment plan that works for you.

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  • Start by filling in our online patient intake form. This will save you time in the office and allow the doctor to study the information you provide and prepare for the consultation with you.
  • The office will call you to schedule your initial consultation. Prior to your interview we urge you to browse our site to learn more about the methods and result of Naturopathic Medicine and the training involved in practicing it.
  • During the initial consultation the doctor will get details and isolate key conditions that you are concerned about and provide you with the information so that you understand the conditions being addressed and the recommendations. They will answer any questions you may have.
  • With an understanding of the conditions and the recommended program, you will be prepared to make an informed evaluation of the value of the program and to forecast the outcomes and impact that it can make on the quality of your life.

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