Not Another Weight Loss Program

by Dr. Michael Nowazek

Not another wight loss program

The real problem with many weight loss programs is that not only do they fail, they often do more harm than good.  Why is that?

A program that focuses exclusively on calorie intake and aerobic exercise overlooks an important element in safe and sustainable weight loss.  You might lose weight on one of these programs, but the weight you may be losing could be muscle mass instead of fat.

Let’s take an example of someone weighing 140 pounds whose target weight is 120 pounds. They could lose 20 pounds of fat or they could lose 20 pounds of muscle. They look the same on the scale, the same 20 pounds. However, if they’ve lost muscle mass instead of fat, they’ve just increased their fat to muscle ratio; they now have a greater proportion of fat to muscle than they did before the weight loss. That’s not healthy, and the weight loss may not be sustainable because an increased ratio of fat can affect hormone function and lead to cravings.

Losing muscle instead of fat puts you at higher risk for heart attack, stroke, diabetes, hormone imbalance, headaches, migraines, menstrual irregularities, and cardiovascular issues.  It can also lead to long-term inflammation and inflammatory problems such as arthritis and neurological inflammation. 

Losing muscle rather than fat is also very punishing to your immune system and you could expect recurring colds, flus, infections, and other immune system maladies. This, combined with stress and a grueling exercise program, is also very likely to burn out your adrenal glands

Losing muscle makes you unhealthier than when you started, so much so that you would have been better off not having lost any weight.

You might be thinner, but you certainly won’t be healthier.

A healthy weight loss plan cannot indiscriminately target pounds.  It must specifically target fat to actually improve your health to be safe, effective, and sustainable. A safe and successful plan for sustainable fat loss must be designed specifically for you

At Green Apple Health Care, you won’t get a rigid boiler-plate diet that’s impossible to stick to. You won’t get a punishing exercise regimen that you dread doing. Rather, what you will get is a plan custom-designed for you that you can actually do.

  • Tests before, during, and after your weight loss to determine your fat/muscle ratio, your metabolic rate (the rate at which you burn calories), your hydration levels, and the overall health of your cells.
  • A custom nutrition plan designed based on the testing done, a nutrition plan that you can actually keep to, a nutrition plan that targets excess fat, that addresses your personal nutritional needs, and that takes into account your lifestyle. The nutrition plan is designed so that you shed fat and feel better.
  • An exercise plan that you can do (and might actually enjoy), one that includes the exercises that are right for you and that will not only support losing fat but will also improve your overall health.

If you want to change your body composition, gaining muscle and losing fat may be right for you.  But make sure that it’s the FAT that you’re losing. Be sure that you’re on a plan that targets fat loss and improves your health.  

Call Green Apple Health Care today at (780) 485-9468 to book a consultation with your naturopathic doctor to talk about changing your body composition in a safe and effective way.

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Dr. Michael Nowazek

Dr. Michael Nowazek is the Clinical Director of Green Apple Health Care. He brings a wealth of knowledge from his extensive training and his many years experience as a naturopathic doctor.

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