Hello to all of our patients at Green Apple Health Care. This is another update on the improvements we have been working on to serve our patients better.

In this update we will be telling you about the appointment types that you can book online. We realized that many patients didn’t know we offered different appointment types, nor did they understand what they are and what the patient should be booking. 

So we have separated the appointment types, provided a brief explanation, and allowed ONLINE BOOKING for all of them. We will also be updating our website with more detailed information on the different types of appointments.

We are encouraging our patients who want to book their appointments, injections and treatments online to know a little bit about them so they can be sure they are booking the right injection or appointment. Patients don’t always know what type of injection they are getting; they just ask for their injection appointment when they call to book it. Our staff and Dr. Nowazek know what you want, but the computer might not. So, knowing what type of appointment or treatment you are getting and want to book, before you go online is important. 

Here is a brief explanation of the different appointment types that are available with ONLINE BOOKING

  1. Repeat Consultations – This is the appointment type where you sit down with your doctor to go over your health concerns and any progress or changes that have happened. We also answer any questions and make changes to your treatment plan as needed. Often your treatment plan will be complex, with many different steps and stages to accomplish when treating the cause of your health concerns. We will go over diet, lifestyle, exercise, and oral supplements like vitamins and herbs that you should be taking as well as dosage for your health condition. 
  2. Micro-Vitamin Injections – These injections are 1mL or small volume vitamin injections into the arm. It is sometimes known as B12 injections, but that is not all we can do. We can put so many different vitamins into the injection as a combination to get an effect for many different conditions like PMS, anxiety, depression, low energy and so much more. The injection is made up of vitamins and supplements injected into the arm in smaller doses than IV, but at a higher dose than diet or supplements could achieve. These are used for getting a faster response, with higher doses than oral products, but not as much as we can get in with a large volume IV injection.
  3. IV Treatments – These are extremely high doses of vitamins, herbs and supplements that are used for their therapeutic effect. The injection bypasses the bowel, gets to the cells faster and in the highest dose possible for a greater healing response. With this type of injection, we can put much more in it than the micro-vitamin injection and a much higher dose, the list of ingredients possible is very large. We are able to treat a wide variety of conditions with this type of injection usually focused on fully body system building, decreasing inflammation and arthritis, rebuilding energy, and treating a variety of very advanced health conditions where oral supplements and small volume injections just wouldn’t get enough of the dose to be effective. 
  4. Regenerative Injections – Sometimes known as prolotherapy or prolotherapy with ozone (prolozone), these are injections directly into areas of injury or pain and inflammation. The name prolotherapy or prolozone is normally used for injections around tendons and ligaments for strengthening them, however regenerative injections covers much more than just tendons and ligaments. Regenerative injections are often used for any pain, injury or inflammation in many different areas of the body like shoulders, knees, elbows, hips, low back, and ankles, where we inject the solution directly into your painful area or area that is injured or inflamed. This is used for local healing and reduction of pain and inflammation. This is used if diet, supplements, and herbs just aren’t going to be enough for the pain and if it’s really severe, chronic or we want fast results. We will also use this in combination with the IV injections for a more full body and proactive response once the main areas of pain and injury are doing better.
  5. Ozone – This is pure medical oxygen used for its healing properties, detoxification and reduction of inflammation. Ozone treatments are added on to the IV or regenerative injection treatments, so there is no separate appointment type for booking for it; you may already be getting it as part of those bookable treatments. Ozone is often used for infections like colds and flus, to reducing swelling and pain as well as detoxification. Ozone helps rebuild the detox pathways in the body, allowing chemicals and toxins to be removed more efficiently. Ozone is also very good at treating infections and can be used when a faster response than oral products is needed. 

We are open and available to provide all appointment types and treatments for our patients. All current patients can book repeat consultations, micro-vitamin injections, IV treatments and regenerative injections with ONLINE BOOKING or by calling our office.

We are also developing new exciting treatment options that we hope to have available in the fall starting in September. Stay tuned for more information about that.

We really want to thank everyone for their patience and understanding during this time. Thank you all for being patients of Green Apple Health Care. Our aim is to serve your better, and we strive to go above and beyond your expectations to do everything we can to improve your health.

More updates will be coming soon!

Yours in Health,

Dr. Michael Nowazek, BSc, ND

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