Hello to all of our patients at Green Apple Health Care.  This is another update on the improvements we have been working on to serve our patients better. 

In this update we are talking about the area we love the most, the new PATIENT PORTAL.  

The PATIENT PORTAL is probably the most exciting and wonderful new development.  It allows you access to your file at any time you want.  

Introduction of the PATIENT PORTAL has been extremely positive.  Patients love the new patient portal.  With it you can access your file, treatment plans, special questionnaires, various downloads, video consultations and you can message Dr. Nowazek directly with any simple clarification questions about your treatment plan.  

Accessing the PATIENT PORTAL is easy.   If you have signed into the patient portal before simply login. If you have not signed up before to the patient portal please click on “Set Password”, enter your email, click “Email the Token”.  A link will be sent to your email stating “reset your password”.  Click that link, it knows you are creating a new password (not doing a reset).  Enter your email and your password in the boxes.  You will then be directed to sign in.  You then may be asked to verify your identity by entering your name and birth date. 

Then go to the PATIENT PORTAL login page, login with the email address we have on file.  

There are so many things you can do in the portal.  On the main page you can update your clinical history, the “Informed Consent” form and the “Use and Disclosure of Protected Health Information” form (the privacy policy).  On the left side are links to the various other functions.

“Documents and Handouts” is the section where you can upload documents to your file for Dr. Nowazek to review.  You can upload lab results, pictures, anything you need your doctor to review.  There are also certain handouts on the bottom of that page that patients can download and use any time they want.  

“Messages” is probably one of the best parts of the patient portal that we like at Green Apple and our patients love it.  Messages allows you to send a message directly to Dr. Nowazek without going through email or phone.  This section is used for clarification questions about your treatment plan, things that you would like to know and forgot to ask (for example, whether you are able to eat a certain food).  

It’s not used for a full consultation, there isn’t enough room, however it’s wonderful for patients to clarify things about their treatment and it’s fast!  It works so much better than email, it’s more secure and faster, you get a response usually same working day (you won’t get a response on the weekend or if the doctor is away on holidays).  We love this option over email as we keep track of our answers within your file, and we are able to improve service directly to you.  We love serving you.  

“Treatment plans” is where every one of your treatment plans has been stored.  You can look at, download and print all of the treatment plans you have had in this system.  Please note we have only been using this system for 3 years; if your file is older than that, your old treatment plans may not be on this system.  Excitingly, every new treatment plan you have with us will be there for you any time you need.  

“Superbills” is your entire billing history with this new system (again, over the past 3 years).  So, if you ever need a copy of your billing from any time we have been using this system you can login to the patient portal and download it.  This is great for tax season and makes it easy for you to access all billing whenever you need it.  

The “Manage Your Appointments” is where you can view any upcoming appointments and book new appointments online.  Please review our update about online booking.

The “Other Forms” section is where various consent forms for advanced treatments are located.  There are also special questionnaires for stress evaluation.  This section is still in development and we are placing items in here that will be of fantastic use to our patients in evaluating their care and progress.

We really encourage you to experience the patient portal, as we are very excited about its development and its potential to give patients more. We really want you to explore the patient portal! It’s a really great service that we are so happy to provide to our patients, and we think you will like what you have access to there.  We are developing it more and will update everyone as more becomes available.  

We are open and available to provide all appointment types and treatments for our patients.  All current patients can book repeat consultations, micro-vitamin injections, IV treatments and regenerative injections with ONLINE BOOKING or by calling our office.  And now we have secure video consultation permanently available for any patient who would like it and it’s also available via ONLINE BOOKING.  

We are also developing new exciting treatment options that we hope to have available in the fall starting in September.  Stay tuned for more information about that.

We really want to thank everyone for their patience and understanding during this time. Thank you all for being patients of Green Apple Health Care. Our aim is to serve your better, and we strive to go above and beyond your expectations to do everything we can to improve your health.

More updates will be coming soon!

Yours in Health,
Dr. Michael Nowazek, BSc, ND

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