GAHC Testimonials

“What Our Patients Say”


AL, Edmonton, AB

I have had excellent results in my treatment.With his expertise, Dr. Westby has helped me tremendously. Great care and service, could not ask for more.

EN, Sherwood Park, AB

Compassionate, listed to my concerns and offered plans to fix my health issues that were realistic and affordable. Green Apple Health Care has great service, friendly staff and real results. The experience has been excellent!

TT, Calahoo, AB

All my questions were answered. The doctor took her time and explained things. Excellent service, professional, very kind and understanding practitioners, and an easy and friendly welcoming environment.

OD, Edmonton, AB

Dr. Nowazek was the only one who was able to identify my illness and heal me. I spent over a year being ill and stumping doctors. He took my lifestyle into consideration and worked hard to make a plan that would work for my active lifestyle. He was very knowledgeable and supportive.

RD, Edmonton, AB

The treatment and medication prescribed by Dr Nowazek work in a very short period of time to help me recover from my illness

PS, Millet, AB

My pain was more than I could handle mentally and physically. Dr. Nowazek made my life livable once again.

BB, Leduc, AB

Dr. Botsford is kind, patient, extremely knowledgeable, and genuinely cares for her patients. She takes the time to understand my health issues and is always looking for solutions. She is so understanding and doesn’t put pressure on me to do everything all at once.

GM, Sherwood Park, AB

Dr Nowazek actually takes the time to sit down with me and take in what I have to say.  He answers all of my questions.  He finds a solution every time and considers my feelings.