What we Do

What We Do 

Treat The Cause
Illness, exhaustion, pain, stress, depression – these things do not “just happen”. There is always a reason for them. They are caused, and the causes of these conditions will differ from patient to patient. At Green Apple Health Care, we locate and treat the core cause of the health problems, not the symptoms. Our programs are customized to each individual patient. We use a simple, natural and preventative approach to help patients achieve life-long wellbeing.

Create Custom Health Plans
We do more than simply offer patients a menu of therapy options to order from à la carte, as thought they were in a restaurant.

When a patient comes to Green Apple, we sit down and listen to them to determine what their current health is and where they want it to be. Then we come up with a step-by-step plan to get it there.

In creating each patients’ plan we take into account individual lifestyle, stress levels, work schedule, kids, activities and any other aspect of the patient’s situation that is unique and important to them. We then design an effective treatment plan, one that will get results, and one that will fit into each patient’s schedule and life.

Prioritize Important Steps
We prioritize the steps and tailor them based on the patient’s circumstances.

When treating the causes of health problems we often have to address the causes in stages, rather than trying to cure everything at once. Tackling health challenges in stages keeps the healing process continuously moving forward.

What We Don't Do 

Trust Diagnosis To Guess Work
A thorough understanding of biology and chemistry and having the experience to know how those interact in the body allows us to narrow down the causes. Testing is used to confirm a diagnosis; it is not the first step in developing it.

There is a variety of tests available and we have access to many tests not ordinarily performed by other practitioners. We go over the details of the tests that could be considered as well as what the lab results will provide to us. Often testing not only helps in confirming a diagnosis, but also allows us to streamline treatment and make treatment faster and more effective. Not every patient will need testing but when tests are used, they are very useful for diagnosis and treatment.

Take Patients Off Of All Medications
Our clinic is not anti-drug. Patients do not have to pledge to eliminate medications from their healthcare regime when they come to our clinic. If a patient is currently on medications that are working for them, that’s fine. We will structure a treatment program that will work in tandem with those medications. If the patient wishes to be medication-free, we can design a health plan to achieve that goal as well and will work with their MD to bring the patient off medications safely.

Prescribe Complicated Diets
We don’t put our patients on complicated diets or shopping bags of supplements.

Instead we work with the patient to create a workable plan that they can do. The best thought-out treatment in the world won’t work if the patient can’t maintain it on a daily basis.

Confuse Patients With Jargon
Whatever the patient’s diagnosis and treatment plan, we explain things in simple, everyday terms that anyone can understand. We make a point of not confusing our patients with medical jargon.

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