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What causes migraines?

Your alarm goes off and you hit snooze. You’re groggy this morning. When you haul yourself out of bed, you can tell you’re going to have one of your migraines. Whether you have sensitivity to light, nausea or just a dip in your energy that signals to you “it’s coming” you know your body, and you know today is going to be rough.

What can you do about migraines?

Instead of calling in sick or popping some pain killers, why not get to the root cause of your migraines. Figure out what’s REALLY causing them. Many women have migraines at different parts of their menstrual cycle. Migraines are most common premenstrually, though they can occur mid-cycle and/or randomly throughout. Migraines, in combination with heavy menstrual periods, breast tenderness, anxiety and/or irritability prior to or during menses can be a sign of estrogen dominance. Various vitamin deficiencies and chemical sensitivity can also cause migraines. Improving the body’s natural ability to regulate, balance and get rid of hormones while replacing deficient vitamins leads to less migraines, more energy and less symptoms around menstruation.