Vitamin D and Bone Health

When it comes to keeping your bones healthy most people know that calcium is an important nutrient. What they may not realize is the role that vitamin D plays in bone health. Without Vitamin D, the body can not absorb calcium. All the food rich in calcium or calcium supplements on their own are not enough to maintain proper bone density and health. Maintaining bone density throughout the lifespan can help to prevent fractures and allow you to live an active and healthy life as you age.

Vitamin D and Calcium

When Vitamin D is added to the diet it is transformed into calcitriol. Calicitriol allows calcium to be absorbed by the gut and introduced into the blood. Without adequate Vitamin D intake, the body will not absorb enough calcium. When adequate calcium is not absorbed, this causes the body to “steal” calcium from the bones in order to maintain proper calcium levels. This weakens the bones and can lead to fractures. Fractures in the vertebrae (spine) can occur without a fall or trauma. Fractures in larger bones like the hip (femur bone), are less common without some sort of fall or trauma.

Bone Density and Exercise

Maintaining bone mineral density goes beyond using supplements. It is important to stay active and perform weight-bearing exercise such as walking, yoga, skipping or weight lifting to maintain the health of your bones. Bone mineral density naturally declines after age 25. Performing weight-bearing exercise prior to age 25 allows you to have stronger bones before this natural decline. You can slow the rate of decline (at any age!) by staying active and incorporating vitamin D into your diet.

Get Your Levels Tested!

Vitamin D is a necessary nutrient when it comes to bone health, maintaining bone mineral density and preventing osteopenia (bone loss) as well as osteoporosis. If you are concerned about your Vitamin D levels or your bone health, you can have your levels checked with one of the doctors at Green Apple Health Care.

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