Tummy Rumblings: 5 Tips to Getting a Healthy Gut

Modern life can sometimes gives us a gut-full to deal with; rushed breakfasts, long office hours, processed lunches at our desks and hectic social lives.

And while we’re all guilty of grabbing a bite to eat on the go or indulging on an evening out, poor diet and stress can leave us feeling bloated and uncomfortable and ignoring the warning signs of an unhappy gut could actually have a huge impact on our health and wellbeing.

You see, good bacteria in the gut (known as microbiome) can help boost our mood, keep our weight down and even affect cognitive abilities, so it’s important to keep things balanced.

Alternative diets promising a miracle cure have never been more popular, but there are some far simpler solutions to restoring digestive health.

Here, we reveal five practical (and natural!) tips to help get your gut happy again…

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