Natural Treatment for Seasonal Allergies

Can Natural Treatment help my Seasonal Allergies?

To reduce your days of watery eyes and dripping nose, we need to figure out what caused your immune system to react to things it shouldn’t. If you have an issue with gut absorption, we need to work on your gut as well as total body inflammation. If you’ve had exposure to various chemicals, we need to help your body eliminate toxins to reduce total body inflammation. If you’ve had seasonal allergies all your life, the treatment is different than if you’ve recently developed them.

One way to reduce the reactivity of the immune system in a new case of seasonal allergies is to use various antioxidants including vitamin C. We can administer these antioxidants as MicroVitamin Therapy in an injection form so that they bypass your gut and go straight into your blood stream. You’ll have faster relief from symptoms with injections rather than oral therapy.

The best way to treat seasonal allergies is to stop them before they start. If you don’t have symptoms yet, but you usually suffer every year, it’s a good idea for you to seek treatment before the pollen flies.

Once we know why your immune system is overreacting, we will also work on the other systems to balance the immune response and achieve lasting results.

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