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Treating Back Pain Part 3

Back Pain: Natural Treatments using Traditional Chinese Medicine Part 3 – Acupuncture Back pain is a common issue. It can...

Natural Pain Relief: Alternatives to Pain Medication

Natural Pain Relief: Alternatives to Pain Medication

Dr. Botsford talks about pain relief on CTV Edmonton - click the link above to read our blog post and watch a larger version of the video.

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Natural Treatments for back pain

Back Pain treatments, better than medications

Acupuncture, advantages of natural techniques

Acupuncture more effective than Medications

More effective treatments than medication for back pain

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Medications not effective for back pain

A recent study shows acupuncture is better than medications for back pain and arthritis.

Advanced Assessment of Pain and Injuries

Dr. Westby now offers a special Advanced Pain and Injury Assessment in order to help people with sports and other acute injuries. Whether it's a simple injury like Tennis elbow or a more severe injury some people just want to to treat their immediate injury so they can get back out there.