Got the Sniffles? Find Out Why You Have Seasonal Allergies.

Why do you HAVE seasonal allergies and what exactly can natural treatment do for them?

If you’ve got a case of the sniffles that starts in March and won’t go away until the snow flies, it’s likely an allergic response. Itchy eyes, scratchy throat or spontaneous hives for no apparent reason can also be attributed to pollens, dust and even smoke. Allergies are caused by your immune system reacting to things that are generally harmless. Pollen, grass and different plants can all be triggers for the immune system to react in the case of seasonal allergies. While some people suffer from true allergic responses that can be life threatening, some individuals suffer from immune dis-regulation that CAN be corrected with natural treatment! We can teach the immune system to change it’s reactivity to normally harmless substances.

The immune system is complex. It is impacted by your gut bacteria, your environment, genetics and lifestyle habits. Our job is to figure out which system(s) in your body have come out of balance, and how can we improve those areas so that your immune system calms down and you’re not experiencing the symptoms of seasonal allergies like a runny nose or watery eyes.

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