Nausea Prevention with Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) can be made travel-friendly with acupressure and a common kitchen ingredient. Here are some anti-nausea tips for you to take on the road! There are a number of things TCM can help you with while talking summer trips for nausea prevention.

Motion sickness or nausea from over-indulging can really put a damper on summer trips. Thankfully most of us have a common herb in our kitchen that can help combat this. Fresh, raw ginger root can be chewed if you’ve had too much to eat, or for nausea prevention for motion sickness. If the taste is too strong or you’re having trouble getting the kids to chew it, you can mince up a small amount and add it to your water bottle. Sipping ginger water throughout the day might help prevent nausea during long car rides. 

In place of acupuncture, we can also use acupressure on the road to help with nausea prevention.

Nei Guan or PC6 is a commonly known point that combats nausea. Located a couple inches up on the inside of the wrist this point is located between the 2 tendons. It can be pressed with the tip of the thumb to combat nausea and indigestion. Simply apply pressure for 10 minutes (or more) to this area and massage gently. This point is so well known that they sell nausea prevention bracelets that push on this point for you.

Whether it’s a bumpy road, a rough flight, or simply too much BBQ you can add these nausea prevention ideas to your toolbox in order to make summer travel more enjoyable.

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