Can MicroVitamin Therapy Help My Migraines?

If you would like FAST relief from your migraine symptoms, we can help! MicroVitamin Therapy can bring your levels of nutrients up faster that taking oral supplements. Because we’re injecting vitamins into your muscle, it goes almost directly into the blood stream. Your gut doesn’t have to be functioning perfectly to absorb the nutrients so a higher concentration of the vitamins can enter your circulation.

How does MicroVitamin Therapy Help Migraines?

If hormones are causing your migraines, we will use vitamins to help decrease estrogen and balance progesterone. If your migraines are caused by stress, we use vitamins to improve the health of your adrenal (stress) glands and increase you body’s resiliency to stress. In the case of chemical sensitivity or vitamin deficiency, the MicroVitamin Therapy is particularly helpful for enhancing detoxification processes and bypassing the barrier of digestion. We will customize your MicroVitamin Therapy plan based on your unique needs and the multiple factors that could be causing your migraines.

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