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What is Micro Vitamin Therapy?

What are Micro Vitamins?

There are many vitamins and minerals that are used to treat health conditions. For example Vitamin B1 is used for low energy, nerve function, anxiety and depression. Vitamin B6 can be used for depression and PMS.

It can be difficult for the body to absorb the high doses of vitamins required through eating foods rich in vitamins alone. The body tries to absorb vitamins from food, then has to convert them to their active form in order for the vita- mins to be used in the cells. The food levels of certain vitamins have been questioned in recent research.

Research shows that even some of the simple vitamins and minerals are not getting absorbed properly in the bowel. A common example is Vitamin B12. Vitamin B12 requires proper production of stomach acid to get absorbed, if you are on an antacid medication you can have a problem with B12 levels. There are many other examples of this, showing why we get a much better therapeutic effect with Micro Vitamin Therapy.

Usually for vitamins to help a health condition you had to take a lot of pills at medium to high dose for it to be effective. That is no longer the case.

With Micro Vitamin Therapy we super concentrate the vitamins used for a health condition into an extremely small in- jectable dose. Combinations of vitamins and minerals are placed into a small single injectable dose making it easier and more effective. By increasing activated vitamin levels quickly, safely and effectively using Micro Vitamin Therapy, patients feel better faster.