Healthy Summer Travel

happy family on a trip

It’s summer time, and during this season you likely have plans to travel. Today, Dr. Michael Nowazek shares some ideas to make summer travel healthy and simple for families with children. We’ve got tips for snacking in the car, meals on the road, as well as special treats that are healthy.

The first important aspect of family healthy summer travel, whether it’s short or long distance, is snacks.

What can you do for snacks that are healthy, simple and won’t make a mess of the car?

The most simple example is fruits. Bananas, apples, pears, nectarines and peaches are all good ideas. Be sure to pack a plastic shopping bag or re sealable container that will allow you to manage waste without messing up the car. Then you can bring the biodegradable items back to the house composter or dispose of it at your destination. Also pack some hand wipes, to clean the kids as well as the surfaces of the car.

The next travel snack option is a protein bar. We recommend UltraMeal rice protein bars. They come in chocolate and vanilla and are very filling, great tasting, and are a complete protein and multivitamin all in one. This allows you and your family to have a healthy snack that tastes amazing.

Meals for healthy summer travel can be difficult, let’s simplify…

Most fast food restaurants will have some healthier items, salads, wraps, some other options are available. The problem with fast foods are that they often have a lot of added salt, sugar and other ingredients that reduce the health factor of these foods. It can be difficult to find foods on the road that don’t have something added which will make that food unhealthy in some way. Salt and sugar are usually the problem.

A much healthier travel meal option is packing a picnic before you leave. A simple healthy picnic could have a wrap, some corn taco chips and a jar of salsa, as well as some fruit to round out the picnic. The wrap recipe we like is: flat bread or pita with humus as the spread. Then add some cooked chicken, tuna or salmon. Then a baby greens salad, some chopped tomatoes and a simple vinaigrette dressing. You can wrap it in some plastic wrap or seal it in a reusable container. Then store it in a collapsable travel cooler with the corn chips, salsa and fruit until you stop for your picnic. You might need an ice pack in the cooler to keep things cool and fresh depending on how long your road trip will be.

A final suggestion is to incorporate special treats when you travel. We recommend smoothies when you stop for gas or a break. Everyone loves a fresh fruit smoothie and it’s one of the healthiest options available on the road. Almost every stop area will have a smoothie shop somewhere. You can also find smoothies in the drink sections of most groceries stores. You could also make the smoothie at home before you travel, keep them cool in a sealed drink container, then have them on the road when you stop.

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