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Exploring alternatives to western medicine

CSKT Tribal Health Dept. beneficiaries might soon be able to access naturopathic health care 

Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribal Health Department beneficiaries might soon be able to choose an alternative-medical healthcare provider for their health needs. 

On March 14, Dr. Katie Carter, Naturopathic medical doctor, met with Tribal Council to give an in-depth overview of the treatments she has been using on patients and how it works with their bodies to heal in a natural way. 

“We work with the architecture of the body,” Carter said, adding that the treatments are a penny on the dollar compared to the Western medical approaches. The savings come by concentrating on healing the patient from the inside out.

Carter said her practice focuses on finding the root cause of pain or illness by examining a patient’s health history to piece together the puzzle of why he or she is not getting better. Where modern medicine focuses on suppressing symptoms her practice goes deeper to find out the ailment source and use the body’s own healing processes through a natural treatment plan that also include a personalized eating plan and exercise.


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