Feeling down? Nutritional Causes of Depression.

Life has it’s ups and downs. It’s normal to feel great joy if you were to win the lottery, or by contrast, feel down when life just doesn’t go our way. Having these range of emotions is healthy and natural. The trouble can start when we don’t come out of “the dumps” and we start to feel down all the time.

Some of the symptoms of depression are; Fatigue, feeling of hopelessness or guilt, insomnia, loss of interest in activities or hobbies, decreased sex drive, general aches and pains or change in eating habits.

Depression can be caused by a variety of factors including stressful life events. Often an event can trigger an episode of depression if the fundamental foundations of brain health are lacking. Thought processes and errors in thinking can lead to difficult emotions. Sometimes these thought errors can occur due to chemical imbalances in the brain. To help balance the brain chemicals and relieve depression, we need to ensure the nutritional foundations of mental health are there.

A healthy diet is important, but sometimes it’s not enough. When we design our specific individualized treatment plans we determine which nutrients you need most to improve your mental health and help resolve depression.

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