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CORE Treatment Program: Acupuncture Stress Management

Are you tired? Overwhelmed? Struggling to create time for yourself to relax? Join Dr. Briana Botsford and Dr. Kirk Westby for a 4-week acupuncture program to manage your stress and boost your energy. In our Acupuncture Stress Management Program, you can decrease the impact of stress on the body and improve your well-being. Our acupuncture programs are the perfect opportunity to experience acupuncture in a relaxed setting.

What is the CORE Treatment Program?

Once weekly for 4 weeks you will receive a half hour acupuncture treatment in a quiet, relaxing setting. The goal of the acupuncture is to help manage stress by improving the body’s natural stress response. Regular acupuncture treatments may help you experience improved sleep, hormonal balance and appetite. This is a great opportunity to try acupuncture and experience the benefit of managing the effect of stress on the body.

How does the CORE Treatment Program help manage stress?

You will relax in a luxurious reclining chair in a quiet, small group environment. One of our doctors will insert approximately 10 needles into various acupuncture points. There will be acupuncture points located in your feet, legs, wrists, ears and so on. Acupuncture needles are very fine and produce very little pain sensation. You relax with the acupuncture needles in for about 30minutes. The doctors will check in on you periodically to see how you’re feeling.

What happens when I’m finished the CORE Treatment Program?

After the program is finished if you would like to continue treatment or pursue other forms of natural medicine to achieve your health goals, you can book an initial, 1-hour consultation to review your whole health history with Dr. Westby or Dr. Botsford for the cost of a follow up visit, only $75. 

Try our 4-week acupuncture stress management program to boost your energy, reduce your stress and feel better!

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