The Connection Between the Liver and Weight Loss: The Role of the Body’s Natural Detox System

Have you tried everything to lose weight? You’ve lost weight before but now you’re back where you started and you just feel stuck? Heaps of exercise and restricting your diet isn’t working for you anymore?

There are commonly overlooked considerations for achieving weight loss goals. A lot of blanket approaches to weight loss estimate your base nutritional intake based on your weight, height and activity level. At Green Apple Health Care, we can physically measure your base nutritional needs using a Bio Impedance Analysis device, providing truly individualized advice, no guess work required.

Hormonal issues including estrogen, progesterone and testosterone as well as thyroid and metabolism control can impair your ability to shed fat. Inflammation in your digestive tract can impact your ability to absorb vital nutrients and minerals needed for weight loss. Stress and it’s associated hormone, cortisol, can make your body hold on to fat. Sleepless nights lead to fatigue during the day, but they can also impair hormone release that can help with fat loss. Your liver is the master of cleansing your body of toxins and if it’s not functioning properly, your body can hang on to excess fat. Fat loss plateaus can happen, but we can help you bust through them by addressing these commonly overlooked areas of health.

The Liver Cleanses the Body of Toxins

The liver is the master of getting rid of stuff. It can even help you get rid of fat if it’s working properly. In Edmonton, we are exposed to many toxic chemicals, mould and metals, normally our bodies are able to get rid of these things easily and efficiently. Sometimes, however, our livers don’t function super well and we hang on to toxic elements in our fat cells. This can make fat loss difficult.

Our Bio Impedance Analysis testing can tell us how well your liver is doing at getting rid of stuff. There are also various levels of urine testing that can be used to determine the toxic burden on your body. Improving your liver’s health through working on digestion and bowel health as well as general liver health can help your body get rid of toxicity and hormones that may be accumulating in your body.

Extreme PMS symptoms can be a sign of a sluggish liver as we get rid of our reproductive hormones like estrogen through liver metabolism and digestion. Improving your hormones via the liver is another way to impact weight loss.

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