Stress and Acupuncture

Stress is a part of everyone’s life, it is also known as the silent killer. Not all stress is bad, having small amounts of stress helps us to survive as humans. Whether heightened senses to help keep us falling off the roof as we

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Summer Sugar Recovery

During the summer months Edmonton’s festival scene comes to life. Between KDays and Folk Fest it seems like there is something happening every weekend. All of these events have lots of food and a variety of beverages

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The Best Apps to Manage Stress

Stress is defined as any change. It can be a good change such as buying a new house, or a bad change like being let go from a job. Stress is always present in our lives and our stress hormone, cortisol, has an effect on our body.

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Healthy Halloween: Sugar Season 1

Sugar is one of the least healthy items a person can eat.  We are surrounded by sugar all the time, however it gets worse for us and our children around the sugar seasons.  The 4 sugar seasons are Halloween, Christmas,

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Vitamin D and Bone Health

When it comes to keeping your bones healthy most people know that calcium is an important nutrient. What they may not realize is the role that vitamin D plays in bone health. Without Vitamin D, the body can not absorb

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Cold or Flu? What’s the Difference?

The best way to break down the difference between a cold or flu is by symptom. The flu varies so much each year that it’s tough to really differentiate it from a simple cold, but there are a few key differences. A common

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Summer Soup with Beets and Fennel

Beet Soup with fennel is the perfect summer soup to cool and detoxify the body. Fennel has the cooling, soothing properties to balance the sometimes intense qualities of summer weather. While beets are a beneficial

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Cooling Foods – Summer Nutrition

Green Apple Health Care is excited to welcome Nutritionist, Renee Giroux-Wyton, to the clinic team. Renee shares with us today here favourite cooling foods and summer nutrition tips to help you and your family stay

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Treating Back Pain Part 3

Back Pain: Natural Treatments using Traditional Chinese Medicine Part 3 – Acupuncture Back pain is a common issue. It can come on from injury, degeneration and simple daily usage.  There are 3 different treatments that

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