Vitamin D and Bone Health

When it comes to keeping your bones healthy most people know that calcium is an important nutrient. What they may not realize is the role that vitamin D plays in bone health. Without Vitamin D, the body can not absorb

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Summer Soup with Beets and Fennel

Beet Soup with fennel is the perfect summer soup to cool and detoxify the body. Fennel has the cooling, soothing properties to balance the sometimes intense qualities of summer weather. While beets are a beneficial

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Cooling Foods – Summer Nutrition

Green Apple Health Care is excited to welcome Nutritionist, Renee Giroux-Wyton, to the clinic team. Renee shares with us today here favourite cooling foods and summer nutrition tips to help you and your family stay

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MicroVitamin Treatment for Brain Fog

Micro vitamin therapy offers fast effective treatment for brain fog or mild cognitive impairment when compared to traditional oral vitamin therapy. There are several vitamins that are important for brain function, chiefly B6, B12 and

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Got Brain Fog?

Brain fog, difficulty concentrating, or impaired cognitive function can be caused by poor sleep, sickness, stress, age or nutrient deficiencies. If you’re forgetting things more often, missing appointments or social events, losing your train of

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Do you have low energy?

Many people experience low energy from time to time. Lack of sleep, extra work on your plate and stress can all cause you to feel like you’re running on fumes. Occasional low energy levels are

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Benefits of Micro Vitamin Therapy

Benefits of Micro Vitamin Therapy The main benefits of Micro Vitamin Therapy is that you can start to see improvements in your health condition quickly and more permanently. We do this with an extremely concentrated

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