Can Natural Medicine Treat All Types of Cancer?

by Dr. Michael Nowazek

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We are often asked if natural medicine can treat cancer. Emphatically, yes! There have been many cases where cancer has been successfully treated with naturopathic medicine. 

Can natural medicine alone treat all types of cancer? The short answer is, no. Depending upon the type, the severity, and the extent of the disease, oncological treatments may be necessary. 

For those patients who do need to undergo oncological treatment such as surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, complementing those conventional treatments with naturopathic medicine can provide enormous benefit during and after conventional medical treatment.

The doctors at Green Apple Health Care have many years of experience with many different types of cancer and we can provide therapies that augment conventional medical treatment. We know what does and does not work, and if our doctors determine that natural therapies will be ineffective against your type or stage of cancer, we will tell you so. 

The treatments at Green Apple Health Care will not interfere with conventional medical treatment. We are very experienced in working alongside other practitioners to get you through cancer treatments and to help you fully recover after them. 

Natural medicine strengthens the immune system during oncological treatment and rebuilds the body afterward.


Chemotherapy kills not only cancer cells, but also the vital nutrients and antibodies that your body simply cannot do without. We use simple herbal and vitamin supplements to compensate for the significant reduction that is shown to occur during chemotherapy. We have also used simple small dose vitamin injections to prevent the chemotherapy-induced nausea and nerve damage. These vitamins are not antioxidants and do not interfere with chemotherapy. The vitamins are administered by injection because oral doses are not high enough to recoup the nutrient loss suffered in chemotherapy and prevent damage.

It is sometimes suggested by oncologists that the patient not do any natural treatments during chemotherapy. We find that the patients who complement conventional treatment with our natural therapies suffer fewer side effects of chemotherapy. Natural medicine may not eliminate all of the side effects of chemotherapy, but it often lessens them without interfering with chemotherapy.

After Conventional Treatment

Once the conventional medical treatment is complete, the patient is often left with no means to prevent recurrence of the disease. This is where our natural therapies excel for our patients. High dose vitamin C with ozone treatments can provide a powerful means of prevention of the spread and return of cancer. 

With this treatment, the healthy cells are supersaturated with a very high dose of vitamin C. This helps to prevent any aberrant cancer cells that might have escaped conventional medical treatment from attaching to healthy cells, preventing binding and causing another cancer elsewhere. It also stimulates a significant rebuild of your entire body; all of your healthy cells are repaired, and the unhealthy cells and leftover remnants of oncological treatment removed for maximum full body effect.

Getting Specific With Solutions

We do not bombard a patient with the entire catalogue of everything that natural medicine has to offer. Rather, we do very specific testing to determine exactly where to focus the treatments, then customize the treatment for the patient. An example is testing for estrogen sensitive tumors. We test internal estrogen metabolism and also look for possible external sources. We keep the treatment plan specific to exactly what the patient needs, pinpointed on what the testing determines we should focus on. 

There is no natural therapy out there that is going to cure all cancers. We work on rebuilding the person and eliminating problem areas. 

We don’t attack cancer with such harsh measures as chemotherapy and radiation. We work on rebuilding the immune system and keeping your body strong during the oncological cancer treatments. Then we really take over after the conventional cancer treatments are done. At that point we concentrate on the prevention treatments that can significantly help prevent the return of cancer.

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Dr. Michael Nowazek

Dr. Michael Nowazek is the Clinical Director of Green Apple Health Care. He brings a wealth of knowledge from his extensive training and his many years experience as a naturopathic doctor.

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