Got Brain Fog?

Brain fog, difficulty concentrating, or impaired cognitive function can be caused by poor sleep, sickness, stress, age or nutrient deficiencies. If you’re forgetting things more often, missing appointments or social events, losing your train of thought in conversations or having trouble finding your way around in familiar settings, you might suffer from cognitive impairment.

If your brain fog is caused by being too busy or not focusing on what you’re doing, you may benefit from simple mindfulness techniques. A few moments of deep breathing, gentle yoga, or even a meditation practice may help improve your cognitive function.

Sometimes, brain fog is caused by disease processes such as difficulty with digestion and absorption of nutrients. Eating a balanced diet rich in protein, fibre and healthy fats can help to combat brain fog. If you suffer from bloating, gas or indigestion, there could be inflammation in your digestive tract that is causing poor absorption of nutrients. When you don’t absorb the nutrients you need, your brain can’t function as well as it should.

Perhaps you only experience brain fog at certain times during your menstrual cycle. This could indicate a hormonal imbalance. If your brain fog is related to feeling tired or burnt out, what’s the reason behind your fatigue?

As with any condition we treat at Green Apple Health Care, we need to determine the CAUSE. Once we find out what’s causing your brain fog we treat the root cause so that you can think clearly, effectively and efficiently.

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