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BIA – Optimized Weight Loss

Your body WEIGHT doesn’t matter. Well, it matters, but not all that much. What really makes a difference to your health and is a predictor of disease is your body composition. Using your unique BIA measurements, we can tailor your nutrition and exercise to suit your body’s unique needs from the inside out.

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What causes migraines?

Your alarm goes off and you hit snooze. You’re groggy this morning. When you haul yourself out of bed, you can tell you’re going to have one of your migraines. Whether you have sensitivity to

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Benefits of Micro Vitamin Therapy

Benefits of Micro Vitamin Therapy The main benefits of Micro Vitamin Therapy is that you can start to see improvements in your health condition quickly and more permanently. We do this with an extremely concentrated

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What is Micro Vitamin Therapy?

What are Micro Vitamins? There are many vitamins and minerals that are used to treat health conditions. For example Vitamin B1 is used for low energy, nerve function, anxiety and depression. Vitamin B6 can be

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Green Apple Webinar

Beyond Conventional Weight Loss: What Now?

Hormones, bowels, thyroid, liver function, sleep and inflammation were topics of discussion during our first webinar “Beyond Conventional Weight Loss: When Diet and Exercise Don’t Work.” A large audience was able to learn more about

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