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Benefits of Micro Vitamin Therapy

Benefits of Micro Vitamin Therapy

The main benefits of Micro Vitamin Therapy is that you can start to see improvements in your health condition quickly and more permanently. We do this with an extremely concentrated dose of the necessary vitamins getting directly to your cells.

Many people will start to notice effects within a few days of the Therapy.

With the effectiveness of this therapy being so significant we have expanded the therapy and are including more formulas for a variety of conditions.

Ease of Micro Vitamin Therapy

Micro Vitamin Therapy is very easy to administer. It is a very small 1mL single use sterile injection that is done into the arm, usually the shoulder. It takes about 1 minutes to do the injection and can be scheduled any time that is convenient.

We often start once a week for up to 4 weeks, to build up a maximum therapeutic effect. If we are seeing the desired effect we start to decrease the frequency as your condition improves and you heal. Maintenance doses may be required.

Customizing of Micro Vitamin Therapy

Our custom proprietary Micro Vitamin combinations have been very successful. We customize the Micro Vitamin Therapy to exactly what our patient needs. Even though we use the specific vitamins and minerals required for a certain condition, we often make subtle changes as needed for each patient.

This customization allows for more therapeutic effect than you can get with the standard therapy and oral ingested vitamins.

Side Effects?

There are some side effects possible from the Micro Vitamin Therapy. As it is an injection, there can be pain and redness at the site of the injection. A slight burning is common for a couple hours. If you are afraid of needles, then fainting is possible. Allergic reaction to the injection is also possible, however extremely rare.

We recommend that you eat well and drink some water before the Therapy is done.