ACUPUNCTURE/CHIROPRACTIC: Knee pain relief using drug-free options

Does the idea of a non-surgical, drug-free, fast-acting solution to knee pain sound too good to be true? Within the traditional model of health care, it is. But for practitioners who are trained in acupuncture, such a solution is a reality that’s helping patients with chronic knee pain every day.

The standard approach to knee pain that is chronic is one you probably recognize. The patient is prescribed medications for pain relief, and possibly anti-inflammatories. She may be advised to start taking a glucosamine and chondroitin supplement. Depending on their condition, they may receive one more corticosteroid injections. Possibly the practitioner managing the patient’s condition recommends they consider surgery.

Yet there is much more that can be done to help chronic knee pain that doesn’t involve medications or invasive procedures. You can work with an acupuncturist to access advanced therapeutic support that can significantly reduce pain, promote healing and restore mobility.

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